Weight Distribution Equalizer Hitches

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Most trailers today require some type of load leveling weight distributing hitch. The purpose is to distribute the hitch (tongue) weight of the trailer as evenly as possible between the trailer axles, front and rear tow vehicle axles. This allows for a safer and smoother towing experience.

By using the W/D spring bars to help support and lift trailer tongue loads, much of the stress on the hitching system is removed. In most cases the front to rear "chucking" encountered on washboard type freeways will be greatly reduced or eliminated. Steering control will be returned because the front tires are no longer being lifted off the ground by the excess hitch weight at the rear.

Load equalizing W/D hitches need to be matched to the overall trailer weight, tongue load and tow vehicle capabilities.

TowShop carries Eaz-Lift, Reese / Draw-Tite and Equal-i-zer hitches in tongue weight ratings from 550 lbs to 1,400 lbs and trailer weights from 6,000 lbs. to 14,000 lbs.

Round (or bent) bar style hitches provide the basics at affordable "entry level" pricing. A separate slider type friction sway control can be added.

Trunnion style hitches are usually a step up in ease of use and provide better ground clearance.

Equal-i-zer brand hitches offer all the benefits of the trunnion design and also incorporate built in sway control.

The unique design of the Equal-i-zer hitch usually allows towing a trailer with surge brakes.

Below are examples of just a few of the manufacturers and designs we have available.

                                                                                  image of reese trunnion bar style weight distribution hitch                   image of eaz-lift round bent bar style weight distributing trailer hitch                  image of equal-i-zer brand sway control type weight distribution equalizing hitch 

Here are some basic recommendations for choosing the correct hitch for your truck and trailer combination

Tongue Weight includes the trailer tongue weight with full gas, water, waste systems and a packed trailer.

Estimate the rear cargo load (includes all items carried in the back of the vehicle).

Match the sum of these weights to the proper W/D Hitch. For example, a tongue weight of 500 lbs., coupled with a rear cargo load of 200 lbs. equates to a total hitch weight of 700 lbs.

From the Guide, the "example" vehicle-trailer combination would require a 750 Weight Distributing Hitch. If there is a future possibility of buying a heavier trailer, it may be wise to select a heavier Weight Distributing Hitch.

Make sure the tongue weight and the gross trailer weight do not exceed the tow vehicle manufacturer's recommended capacities.

The hitch selected must have a maximum Gross Trailer Weight rating equal to or greater than, the trailer rating.

Trailer tongue weight should be at least 10% of gross trailer weight.

TowShop also carries a great selection of replacement parts and accessories for the most popular hitches.


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