Almost all US states require brakes on certain trailers and other towed vehicles. Without brakes you run the risk of a ticket or even worse, liability if an accident occurs because you were unable to stop. Here is some very valuable information to help you determine if you are legal, concerning braking, in your travels.
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Weight Limits for Towing without Supplemental Brakes  (Source: American Automobile Association Digest of Motor Laws, 2008 Edition)           

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Oregon law requires that any vehicle or combination of vehicles weighing less than 8,000 pounds must be able to stop within a travel lane in 25 feet from 20 miles per hour.

If the vehicle or combination of vehicles weighs over 8,000 pounds, the vehicle must be able to stop within a travel lane in 35 feet from 20 miles per hour. 

Check your owner’s manual of the tow vehicle to see what the manufacturer recommends.

Most manufacturers recommend trailer brakes if the trailer and load weighs 1,000 pounds or more. (ORS 815.125)


Kansas, Utah and Wyoming law requires any vehicle or combination to be able to stop from 20 MPH within 40' or less.

                                          Weight Limit By Pounds Or Other Restriction (See "Key")

                                     United States                                                                      Canada

 3,000  North Dakota  3,000  Alberta  2,000
 3,000  Ohio  2,000  British Columbia  3,080
 3,000  Oklahoma  3,000  Manitoba  'A'
 3,000  Oregon  ‘A’  New Brunswick  3,000
 10,000  Pennsylvania  3,000  Newfoundland  ‘A’
 3,000  Rhode Island  4,000  Northwest Territories  'C'
 3,000  South Carolina  3,000  Nova Scotia  4,000
 2,000  South Dakota  3,000  Ontario  3,000
 ‘B’  Tennessee  3,000  Prince Edward Island  3,300
 3,000  Texas  4,500  Quebec  2,860
 3,000  Utah  2,000  Saskatchewan  3,000
 1,500  Vermont  3,000  Yukon Territory   2,000
 New Hampshire
 3,000  Virginia  3,000    
 New Jersey
 3,000  Washington  3,000    
 Indiana  3,000  New Mexico  3,000  West Virginia  3,000    
 New York
 1,000  Wisconsin  3,000    
 North Carolina
 4,000  Wyoming  'A'    


                                                                                          'A' — Must stop within a specified distance
                                                                                          'B' — Not stated or no requirement
                                                                                          'C' — Supplemental brakes always required

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