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Pickup and Truck Camper With Tie Downs, Fastgun Turnbuckles and Receiver Hitch

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If you've ever owned a slide in truck camper you are probably familiar with most of the different types of tie downs or anchors. Usually the first type we think of is the stake pocket mounted model. On an older truck hauling a VERY small camper these will often do the job. They will require drilling an attachment hole in the top of your truck bed rail to hold the anchor in the stake pocket.

Universal belly bar and receiver hitch mounted tie downs are available that can do a decent job of securing a medium sized camper. Their cost is higher but they usually bolt on with no drilling in the truck.

There are also bed and bumper style tie downs that use an anchor plate on the front of the truck box and a "bumper button" style rear anchor point.

A step up from this would be the "direct-to-frame" system that uses the same rear bumper buttons, with the front anchor plates being secured to the truck frame with special brackets.

Torklift offers the "True Frame Mounted" tie downs. This system uses four independent tie down points to hold even the largest campers securely to your truck. Each corner has a receiver bolted to the truck with an easily removable tie down insert for attaching the turnbuckles. They are designed for specific vehicle makes and models to provide the tightest fit and strongest system possible. This allows optimal placement of each anchor point, with no belly bar under the truck and minimal ground clearance problems.

Torklift Bumper

Each tie down kit is engineered to maximize the angle of pull at each tie down point, minimizing camper movement and increasing stability and can be equipped with an optional spring load to cushion the stress between the truck frame and camper anchor, critical on wood frame campers and all campers when enduring the rigors of off-road use.

Front kits are available in an adjustable model for most vehicles that have running board or steps on the front of the truck box.

Torklift International has done their homework and designed a great system for securing your truck camper for the long haul. Best of all, their products are MADE IN USA, by a family run business that's been around for over 25 years.

Take a look at our catalog to find the correct tie downs for your truck.

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