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Ride-Rite air bag kits by Firestone Industrial Products are the standard by which every other air suspension system is judged. If you haul a slide in camper on most any pickup truck you will benefit from the stability and ride enhancement these helper springs provide.


The auto manufacturers do a great job of engineering our trucks to handle most of the loads thrown at them. However, anyone that's done some hauling knows there's always room for improvement. How often have you asked yourself, isn't there a way to make my truck carry this load easier or safer? Well, there is, and it's not very difficult or expensive! Over 70 years ago Firestone introduced the first air helper springs.

The heavy duty air bags mount in between the frame and suspension of your truck using the supplied brackets. Plumbing is easy with the flexible air line and fittings included in the kit. Air pressure can be adjusted with an external pump or by installing an "on board" air compressor kit and gauge, which will also allow constant monitoring of the spring pressure from the drivers seat!

Load handling capacity for the Ride-Rite kits is up to 5000 lb. Leveling side to side is also possible and comes in handy with many of the slide in truck campers that can be much heavier on one side.

As most people know, air suspension provides a smoother ride than steel leaf or coil springs. By adding a Ride-Rite kit less of the load needs to be carried by the factory springs. That can translate to a smoother "loaded" ride while providing two more load bearing points on the frame for added safety and less stress on the factory suspension.

Most kits today are designed to be "no drill" installations and usually allow use of frame mounted gooseneck or 5th wheel trailer hitches. This makes for a very easy set up and you won't jeopardize the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

Kits are available to fits most, pickups, vans, commercial trucks and motorhome chassis.

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