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An electric 12 Volt powered trailer tongue lift jack is the perfect solution to eliminate the back breaking work of lifting your RV, cargo or race hauler trailer to hook up on the hitch. There are several jack manufacturers producing jacks to meet the needs of most any type or size bumper pull trailer. Durability and longevity of the major brand jacks is unbeatable. We offer power jacks produced by Barker Mfg, Bulldog, Husky Towing and Ultra-Fab Products.

There's really no substitute for flipping a switch to let an electric motor do the work when it comes time to hook up that heavy trailer. At the end of a long day, whether you've been at the track with your race car, out playing in the sand or dirt with a four wheeler or side by side, or riding the "ponies" on a forest trail, let the jack do the work.

Most power driven trailer lift jacks will require a 12V car battery for operation. If you are using a "toy hauler" or RV trailer it probably already has the battery installed. Most enclosed cargo trailers as well as bumper pull horse trailers with no living quarters will require the installation of a "house battery", which is great anyway if you would like to add some interior lights. An inexpensive marine battery box will usually do the trick for mounting.

Most pickups produced in the last 15-20 years will include a "charging" line in the trailer lighting socket. If your trailer already has a mating charge wire in it's pigtail you can connect that to the positive side of you house battery, the run a wire to ground and you all set to keep power available to the jack. If you aren't comfortable with automotive type wiring most any RV repair or hitch shop can get that done for you at a reasonable cost.

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