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Pickup and Truck Camper With Tie Downs, Fastgun Turnbuckles and Receiver Hitch

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There are several systems available for loading and unloading a camper on your pickup truck.

We recommend permanently attached corner jacks to make the process as economical, easy and safe as possible.

There are also a number of things to consider before deciding on the type of jacks you want.

How heavy is your camper? Camper jacks come in a variety of weight capacities>

How high is your truck? Different length and stroke jacks are available.

Are you using a single or dual rear wheel pickup? Dually pickups will always require adding swing out type mounting brackets.

How wide is the body of your camper? If it's a narrow body or lite model it may not fit on a dually, even with swing outs.

How often will you load and unload?

Do you normally have a helper?

Are you able and willing to hand crank the jacks?

happijac manual hand cranked truck camper loading corner jack

Rieco Titan Manual Jacks

Happijac Electric Jacks

If choosing electric, is your camper equipped with a 12V battery?

Did your camper come from the manufacturer pre-wired for electric jacks?

What brand and model jacks was it wired for? If no pre-wiring exists are you able to accomplish this?

We carry all the major brand jacks in both the cost effective manual crank and easier to use electirc models.

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